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Canadians are often surprised to learn that their provincial health insurance offers only extremely limited coverage for a medical emergency for those travelling out of the country, or even out of the province. A serious illness or injury while away from home is devastating, and the high cost of emergency medical treatment for the uninsured adds insult to injury.

When a simple visit to an emergency room in another country can easily generate thousands of dollars in hospital bills and other medical expenses, it becomes clear that travel insurance is a necessity, not a luxury.

Through Special Benefits Insurance Services, travellers have access to coverage from one of Canada’s largest insurers of emergency medical insurance. Whether it’s for a few days or a few months, there is an RSA Insurance travel package to make your trip a relaxing, medically covered one.

The RSA Insurance Difference

RSA Insurance is a leading, multinational insurance group, providing insurance services for millions of customers in over a hundred different countries. In Canada, RSA is one of the top travel insurers, providing comprehensive, cost-effective travel insurance solutions from coast to coast.

Founded over 300 years ago, RSA aims to make things better for people. The company’s roots in Canada date back to 1833 when the company, then known as Royal Insurance, offered fire insurance to home and business owners in Toronto and Montreal. Today, RSA is the third largest property and casualty insurance company in Canada.

In partnership with an esteemed network of brokers, including Special Benefits Insurance Services, RSA protects Canadian travellers while out of the province or out of the country, Visitors to Canada, and International Students in Canada from the financial hardship of an accident or illness while they are away from home.

About RSA Travel Insurance Coverage

RSA offers a variety of insurance options for leisure or for business travel. With flexible coverage packages for travellers from all walks of life, Special Benefits Insurance Services can help you select the right RSA Insurance product for your next trip.

RSA Insurance protects Canadian travellers with Medi-Select Advantage® Travel Insurance. Advantages of this plan include competitive rates with additional savings for companions, and a wide range of deductible options. Coverage may also be available for those with varying pre-existing medical conditions.

  • The Vacation Plan can cover short trips of up to 30 days in length for those up to the age of 79.
  • The Canada Plan is designed specifically for travel within Canada only.

Single-trip insurance is designed with the occasional traveler in mind, like those to take an annual vacation or snowbirds who are away on one long, annual trip. This is the most economical choice if you only travel once a year. You can purchase a policy for the exact duration of your trip away from home. When you buy single-trip insurance online you will receive an email confirmation of your coverage instantly.

Multi-trip insurance serves the needs of the frequent traveler. It’s for the non-stop business traveler who may need to go on a moment’s notice or cross-border shopping enthusiasts who make frequent short trips. Multi-trip insurance provides the flexibility you need to just pick up and go for a 12-month period. When you travel at least twice a year, multi-trip insurance is the most affordable option. Purchase a policy online and receive an email confirmation right away.

If you are away for longer than planned, top-up insurance allows you to add more days to either a single- or multi-trip policy. Pay for exactly the number of days you need, nothing more. Top-up insurance can also be used to augment any group coverage that your company may provide.

Under the Medi-Select Advantage Travel Insurance umbrella, applicants under the age of 59 do not have to complete a medical questionnaire, and they can take advantage of an automatic $0 deductible.

To find the right plan for your travel insurance needs, visit the links below by clicking on each tab:

Other Travel Insurance Products

Travel insurance is for more than short trips out of the country. RSA offers longer-term travel insurance in cases where it may be necessary, such as:

  • Visits to Canada: When you are coming to Canada as a visitor, medical care is not covered by the government insurance plans. If you do not have health insurance to cover your visit, you will need to pay out of pocket to see a doctor in the event of an illness or accident..
  • International Students: Students from abroad need to carry health insurance for their time in Canada. International Student health insurance is a good option to ensure you are able to see a doctor if you are sick or injured during your time here.
  • Coming Back to Canada: If you have been out of the country for an extended period (6+ months, depending on province of residence) you will have to wait 90 days to be eligible for provincial benefits. This means if you need to see a doctor during the waiting period, you will need to pay out of pocket for your emergency medical care if you don’t have health insurance.
  • Extended Trips Outside Canada: Many health insurance packages are available to cover a few days or weeks outside the country, but if you are planning a much longer trip, like spending the winter in another country, long-term health insurance coverage will help offset emergency medical expenses while you are away from home.

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We have always appreciated the services we have received from Green Shield and your personal help has been amazing. Thank you so much for all you have done to help our family over the last year of transition.

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This kind of service keeps your clients coming back to you when they need to purchase any kind of insurance. Thank you for suggesting Destination Travel Insurance.

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Whether it’s travel insurance, individual health and dental insurance plans, or any of the other products in their portfolio, I know that I can vest my trust and confidence in SBIS, because our clients will be well served and protected. SBIS has been and continues to be, a great partner to work with.

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You have made my day! I don’t think I have ever received such good service from any company before. Thank you so much for sending those reports to me. I plan to submit the info to the government and maybe get a little refund. Every penny counts.

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