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Individual Health and Dental Insurance for Your Employees Who Need it the Most

Do you have employees who are ineligible for health insurance coverage? Whether it’s because they are part-time, retiring, leaving their group plan or are simply not eligible, we can help you help them – with no costs to you.

One of the greatest things about Canada is our universal healthcare, but not all health needs are covered by the provinces. To protect uninsured employees in the case of injury or illness, some Human Resource Managers are recommending a reliable insurance broker who will keep their staff covered, whatever their needs may be.

If your company has an account rep that you are happy with, please let them know to get in touch with SBIS and we will equip them with all the information they need on our Prism products. You value your employees, no matter what their status, and it’s important to show them that while you can’t provide a plan for them, you CAN help them find something for themselves.

What’s in it For Me?

1 You save a lot of time by sending employees our way. All you have to do is point them in our direction and we’ll do the rest. There’s no time-consuming research being done on your part.

2 You also save resources and inevitably money when you let us do the heavy lifting.

3 You do a lot for your employees as it is. We can make your life easier by offering this service. That way you can focus on other aspects of your job, instead of answering questions and researching. You’ll look like an expert and a superhero to your employees by providing them with the best possible resources in the industry.

Simply put, you are boosting your company’s reputation by helping your employees find health insurance that they may not have found on their own.

Once we are in contact with your employees, we will go over all of their options and fill in the blanks. We can answer any questions they may have and help them come to an educated decision.

We can offer coverage for employees who

Are retiring or have recently retired

Work Part-Time

Have left their Group Insurance Plan

Their job status does not allow them coverage

How We Can Help Your Employees

300+ Years

Combined Experience

With more than 300 years of combined experience working in the Canadian health and dental industry, SBIS is one of Canada’s top health insurance agencies, offering many different plans for many different needs, and doing business with the leading insurance carriers in Canada.

35+ Plans

Different Plans from Many Major Insurance Companies

As a broker, we have access to over 35 different plans from many major insurance companies – so we can give your employee or past employee the best chance to find a plan that suits their needs and budget.

This is an extra service that you, as an HR representative, can offer your employees. We can help you and your employees at no cost to you.

There are no contracts to sign or administrative tasks for you to undertake. This is an opportunity for you to let us find the right individual health and dental insurance for your employees’ needs and budgets…and it’s free!

We go the extra mile so you don’t have to.

Many of our plans guarantee coverage with no medical questionnaire, giving your employees the flexibility to choose based on their budget and needs.

Green Shield Prism Plans

We offer a variety of health and dental insurance programs through Green Shield. These policies are designed for people who do not currently have group insurance, but can also be offered to those who are looking to increase the maximums of their group insurance plans. Our plans include Prism Spectra, Prism Precision, and Prism Continuum.
The monthly premiums run anywhere from $42 to $479.

Please click on each Prism® tab below to see the different plan details and rates

Prism Spectra ®
Prism Precision ®
Prism Continuum ®
The Prism Spectra program is another option if you are leaving a company group plan or don’t currently have health and dental coverage in place and are looking for comprehensive coverage complemented by high benefit maximums.
The Prism Precision program may be right for you if you are looking for a practical alternative for basic coverage for services and treatments that are no longer covered by the government. No medical questionnaire required and coverage is guaranteed, even for pre-existing conditions.
The Prism Continuum program may be your best solution if you, your spouse, or your dependents are losing, or have lost your company group health benefits within the last 90 days and are looking for guaranteed coverage even with pre- existing conditions.

Manulife Plans

With over 100 years of service under their belt, Manulife offers some of the most flexible insurance and wealth management products on the market. We’ll walk your employees through their options and find something that’s perfect for them. Our Manulife programs include Manulife Association, Manulife FollowMe™, and Manulife Flexcare. Any of these plans can be used as a stand-alone insurance or added onto their group plan to increase their maximums.

The annual premiums run in a broad range depending on your province. For example a single plan in Nova Scotia under 44 years of age is approximately $45.10, while a family of 3 in Ontario with the applicants age between 55-59 years of age is $620.60.

Please click on each Manulife® tab below to see the different plan details and rates

Why HR Professionals Love Us

You won’t have to worry about going through several people to get answers. A dedicated service representative will personally take your call and make sure that your questions are addressed right away. Your time is important, which is why we are committed to saving you time and effort.

You also don’t have to fill out any paperwork, we take care of it all! Our insurance professionals collect all the details necessary. We provide brochures and other information for both your HR department and the employee to look at.

Get in Touch!

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, would like more information or need assistance selecting a plan, please do not hesitate to call us.

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clients' testimonials

Thank you Kasia for your diligence in notifying me upon approval of my application. I will as stated, out of courtesy, notify Great West Life, that I will not be proceeding with the application with them. I am pleased, as Green Shield was my first choice.


I just wanted to send a compliment to Nicki for helping me today with a request for income tax receipt from 2013! What a superb service and pleasant approach in solving my problem. and so quickly and promptly done. Please extend my compliment and thank you to Nicki for the excellent service supplied.

Richard L

You have been a great in assisting us with this application, I would like to send along my compliments to you. Please pass along this message to your management team.  It certainly is nice to be able to talk directly to a person especially a person as nice as you.

Rick S

Whether it’s travel insurance, individual health and dental insurance plans, or any of the other products in their portfolio, I know that I can vest my trust and confidence in SBIS, because our clients will be well served and protected. SBIS has been and continues to be, a great partner to work with.

Don M

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