Critical Success Factors (CSF) refers to the most important elements or factors that contribute to the highest result, impact, or outcome, in achieving a business goal and objectives. They must encompass all the important areas of your business, from finance, marketing, and product development, to sales, customer service, and human resources.

Treating people who work for you with respect helps them to feel free to challenge each other and pursue the greater good of the business. The question is whether you know how to make that level of team satisfaction happen –so that you enjoy the huge positive impact of their loyal efforts.

A compounding factor for success is that as a small business owner, you are the anchor of your business and its most valuable asset. The health and profitability of your business starts with you — and your health – and extends to the health of your team. You can improve your business’s health — with health and dental protection.

Healthy living is important, but it is also important to have a plan in case of the unexpected.

From one of Canada’s leading health insurance providers, here are five ways health and dental coverage can help keep you and your business in top shape according to Manulife*

five ways health and dental coverage can help keep you and your business in top shape

If you are a small business owner with one or more employees, health and dental protection can help you in even more ways

If you are a small business owner with one or more employees, health and dental protection can help you in even more ways

You will succeed or fail depending on how you approach CSFs in growing your business to produce greater results and performance from the same activities, the same capital, and the same people as competitors.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity of offering health insurance to your team and ensuring you yourself are covered optimizes and potentially multiplies the results in your business key success factors with minimum effort, expense, and risk. Anticipating health needs and having the foresight to provide health insurance as a tool to minimize the impact of absence or distraction of illness enables you and your team to focus on the customer.

The small cost of offering health insurance can make a huge difference in success, growth, profit, and income.

Health insurance is not one size fits all businesses so here is our SBIS guarantee

Every business is different, and your health insurance choice needs to fit your needs. By asking a series of “what if” questions you can target key needs of your team. Do they need single coverage or a family plan? Is prescription drug coverage or dental coverage more important, or are both vital?

Having the right benefits plan can help your business achieve its goals, attract top talent, and maximize productivity. At SBIS we guarantee we will help you at no additional cost – so you can take the critical step to empower employees to take care of their health – and for you to take care of your business.

Learn more about small business health insurance information and our offerings here or contact SBIS for your free, no-obligation quote or information package now!

* Source:  The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Canada (Manulife)
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