Ontario Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important part of keeping your body and mind in the best possible condition. It’s also a protective barrier against the rising cost of medical services.

As an Ontario resident, you can take advantage of a wide range of health insurance plans available through Special Benefits Insurance Services. This can give you the peace of mind knowing you and your family members will be financially prepared to handle illness and injuries. You never know what tomorrow will bring. However, with our health insurance plans for Ontario residents, you’ll be in a much better position to address any medical issues that may arise.

The Special Benefits Insurance Services Advantage

At Special Benefits, we provide a number of supplemental insurance options to help Ontario residents ensure they have adequate health coverage. We offer Prism health and dental insurance programs, in addition to products from other leading insurance companies such as Manulife FlexCare/FollowMe and Blue Cross Blue Choice. As an independent broker, Special Benefits strives to provide you with the best type of coverage for your needs. Our insurance products can help you fill gaps you may have with your provincial coverage, so you can rest assured you have the most comprehensive health insurance benefits available in Ontario.

Our Ontario health insurance coverage is ideal for:

  • Students, retirees and others who have lost or do not qualify for group coverage
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to have comprehensive coverage
  • Any individual who would like to enjoy the financial security that health insurance coverage offers 

Ontario Health Insurance Options

Special Benefits brings a variety of insurance products from numerous top insurance companies in Ontario, and we have the exclusive right to sell Prism programs through our partnership with Green Shield Canada nationwide. The Green Shield insurance plans come in three flexible options: Prism Spectra, Prism Precision and Prism Continuum.

Learn About Prism

Learn About Prism

Prism offers you three programs: Prism Spectra, Prism Precision and Prism Continuum. Each of these programs offers you a number of different plans to choose from with varying levels of coverage.

Learn About Prism Spectra

Learn About Prism Spectra

The Prism Spectra program is another option if you are leaving a company group plan or don't currently have health and dental coverage in place and are looking for comprehensive coverage complemented by high benefit maximums.

Learn About Prism Precision

Learn About Prism Precision

The Prism Precision program may be right for you if you are looking for a practical alternative for basic coverage for services and treatments that are no longer covered by the government. No medical questionnaire required and coverage is guaranteed, even for pre-existing conditions.

Learn About Prism Continuum

Learn About Prism Continuum

The Prism Continuum program may be your best solution if you, your spouse, or your dependents are losing, or have lost your company group health benefits within the last 60 days and are looking for guaranteed coverage even with pre- existing conditions.

With the Prism programs, you can select a coverage option based on your specific budget and requirements. These programs give you access to everything from prescription drugs to specialists and hospital accommodation. Our plans also include ambulance transportation, home support services, medical items and travel emergency services.

We Pick Up Where the Ontario Health Insurance Plan Stops

The Ontario government provides basic health insurance coverage through OHIP. However, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan is limited. Generally, it won’t cover prescription drugs to those under 65, dental, or other services such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists or podiatrists. The Prism plans are designed to help you off-set the costs of these services not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Why Select Special Benefits?

Special Benefits is the leading agency for individual health insurance plans in Ontario and throughout Canada. It’s the perfect partner for Ontario residents who want to enhance their health coverage—and gain a greater peace of mind about their future. You can count on our:

  • Experience and Longevity: A leader in the field of health insurance, we have been operating in Canada for two decades and we use that expertise to the full benefit for you.
  • Affordable Options: As a long-standing partner of Green Shield Canada, we offer affordable, high-quality Prism and other health insurance plans to you.
  • Personalized Service: We know that shopping for insurance can be a challenge. That’s why we take all the time necessary to help you identify the best options for your individual needs.

Learn more about how Special Benefits can help maximize your Ontario health insurance coverage. Request a no-obligation quote or free information package today.